Official merchandise in the USA

Narnia signs with Anchor Merchandising for the US-market

Now Anchor Merchandising is offering official Narnia-merchandise in the US to the growing fanbase over there.

Narnia has just signed with Anchor Merchandising for the US-market. The fanbase over there is constantly growing and is now surpassed only by the crowds in Brazil.

– We are happy to finally be able to offer official Narnia-merchandise to our friends in the USA, says Jonatan Samuelsson (bass-player) and continues:

– In recent years, the fanbase over there has grown very quickly. We hope to get over there on a tour soon. So we see this collaboration with Anchor Merchandising as one of our first steps and we are very grateful for that. he concludes.

Official Narnia-merchandise at Anchor Merchandising: https://anchormerchandising.com/narnia