Andreas “Habo” Johansson

Full name Andreas Johansson

Family situation Engaged

Eye color Blue

Hair Blond-isch

Job Musician

Favorite Narnia-album Narnia / Course of a generation / Desertland

Favorite Narnia-song Inner Sanctum

Best Narnia-memory Opening for DIO in -98 was a blast!

Funniest Narnia-memory When Christian poured a bucket of water over a guy in the front row.

Coffee/tea? TEA!!! I hate Coffee! I think Narnia needs a “Tea-brand” as well. Anyone??

Dislike Violence

Do you have any pets? No

Education Yes

Your favorite artist? Tim Christensen

Favorite Bible character David

Favorite food Thai

Favorite music Good Music

Favorite thing to do Banging my drums & spend time with my friends and family

When did you start to play your instrument? At 6

Like Life!

Most unusual job Sawmill

Name 3 things you would never perform without Ears & water 🙂

What is your passion in life? Music, Friends & Family

What posters were on your wall as a kid? Kiss

Who inspires you musically? To many to mention

Word of wisdom: Stay True

You in one word? Easygoing

Special message to Narnia-fans Your support & feedback means a lot to us. Thank You!